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♦ Shandong small (private) business innovation prize and innovative group of advanced individual flowers 2011-7-27
♦ Weifang major energy-saving achievements, awards advanced personal energy group settled 2011-7-19
♦ Coastal Building Materials Group, HDPE double wall corrugated pipe production lines put into operation project 2011-5-28
♦ China Building Block Association, Du Jiandong and other leaders to come to the project group visited the Binhai New Building Materials 2011-2-28
♦ City facility open democratic management work inspection team to visit our group survey 2010-12-10
♦ The national development and reform commission leadership to binhai new type building material group investigation project 2010-10-22
♦ Group company technology center successfully passed the provincial enterprise technology center determination 2010-10-22
♦ My group was rated as low carbon shandong model awarded the chairman WangLianXi low carbon shandong exploits the honorary title. Characters 2010-9-28
♦ I have three sichuan province quality group 10 highest award for "TianFuBei" 2010-9-28
♦ Secretary of municipal party committee ZhangXinQi and other leaders to check my company guidance reconstruction beichuan county reside a room of a new phase ii project 2010-9-28
♦ National energy conservation and emission reduction DuChaZu leadership group to visit new building binhai project 2010-8-30
♦ The provincial people's congress standing committee, deputy director of BaoZhiJiang line inspection I group for energy conservation and emissions reduction 2010-6-23
♦ WangPeiFu warden a line inspection instruction in the rain I group project donors 2010-6-11
♦ Weifang three houses coastal building material Co., LTD. Two patents first license issuing company property is guaranteed 2010-6-2
♦ The chairman of the company WangLianXi group of 2009 year China excellent engineering construction (senior) professional managers the honorary title 2010-5-30
♦ The chairman WangLianXi attend belarus d the booth in shandong purchasing symposium 2010-5-29
♦ Hearts meet force of joy holiday visit 2010-5-5
♦ Provincial party committee and the standing committee of WangJunMin vice governor to inspect binhai new building materials I group project 2010-4-19
♦ The central political bureau standing committee, JiJianWei he guoqiang delivered the rebuilding project inspect me 2010-4-14
♦ Shandong province party and government delegation inspection group company involve rebuilding project in sichuan branch 2010-4-14
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