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China Building Block Association, Du Jiandong and other leaders to come to the project group visited the Binhai New Building Materials


February 28, Secretary-General Du Jiandong China Building Block Association, the National Committee of wall material innovation Zhao Bing, Deputy Secretary-General of Shandong Provincial Department of Construction Science and Education Department chief Xu, in the city by letter, accompanied by Deputy Director Wang Chengxi, visit Group visited Binhai new building materials exchange project and a meeting. District Standing Committee and deputy head stone Ming Kui. Accompanied by Vice Mayor Xu Haitao, chairman Lian-Xi made a detailed report.
Du Secretary-General and his party carefully reviewed the construction waste crushing production line, production site, the control room, the cost of brick curing kiln and testing companies in various laboratories to learn more about the construction waste sources, crushing process and selection theory, the control room computer operation process, the new building materials group affirmed the scientific nature of the project.
At the forum, Du Jiandong and other leaders asked in detail about the price of finished bricks and application of government incentives and other issues, the chairman Lian-Xi a detailed answer. Exchange process, the leaders spoke about a series of typical cases and the experience and practice, and made familiar with the new standards to guide recommendations. Provincial Department of Construction Science and Education Department chief said Xu, the construction of new building materials Weifang three environmental and conservation significance, much greater than their economic interests, with high social benefits.
Finally, Duke Chang democratic Street line to a field trip.


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