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Coastal Building Materials Group, HDPE double wall corrugated pipe production lines put into operation project


May 27, 2011, Coastal Building Materials Group Corporation HDPE double wall corrugated pipe production line II of the project put into operation, bringing the project to complete the formal construction of two production lines. The total investment of 60 million, using the German advanced HDPE double wall corrugated pipe production technology, using multi-dimensional sustainable recycling processes, waste plastic particles to regeneration of new pipe, the annual consumption of 6,000 tons of plastic waste, the annual production capacity of up to 15,000 tons of waste recycling system for environmental protection technology.
The project is in line with Shandong Department of Housing and Urban issued the "Lu Chien-fa, <2009> 17" spirit of the document. Document states: the double-wall corrugated HDPE pipe as a new class of technology promotion, called for the promotion and application of new technologies to strengthen the publicity, timely adjustment of product structure, promote technological upgrading, ensure that the new technology implementation. While the flat, tongue and groove concrete pipes (≤ 500mm) as a restriction applied technology, and may not be used for urban municipal wastewater, storm water piping system, to limit application of technology to enhance the access threshold, the unit shall not illegal to use.
The success of two production lines put into operation, marking the group in the "five" to broaden the success of the first year of energy-saving environmental protection industry chain. Next, the group will continue to uphold the Coastal Building Materials "technology" business philosophy, and innovation, leading the way to create high-class pipe and building a century high-quality project.



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