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"Building Materials Industry" five "development guidance" release


 Recently, the China Building Materials Federation issued "Building Materials Industry" five "development guidance" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinion"). This is China's "five-second" building materials industry during the development of a programmatic document, with strong operational and multi-level, comprehensive guide.

"Opinions" concluded the building materials industry, "Eleventh Five-Year" major achievements, experience and shortcomings, analysis of "five" development environment and challenges, outlined the "five-second" development of ideas and the main objective, delineation of the "five" development focus.

"Opinions" in the construction of new wall materials development and to meet new structural system, and so carefully written, thoughtful detail.

Predict "opinion" that the cement products, energy-saving glass and glass deep-processing products, electronic flat panel display glass, solar glass, low-E glass, new wall materials and composite multi-wall, energy-efficient windows and doors and roofing materials, fire earthquake sound insulation materials, glass fiber and resin-based composite products and a variety of new materials, a common base materials, new energy and energy saving materials will become the new demand growth; future product demand, green, multi-functional and high quality development trend will become more prominent, both green, energy saving, environmental protection and other features of high-quality building materials will become the main new development in the future, the market space will grow.

Key products, "comments" to meet the needs of green building and energy savings, will have energy saving, thermal insulation, sound insulation, waterproof, fire, earthquake and other functions of the new wall materials and decoration materials, products as a key development products:

A compound wall for the development of multi-focus efforts to develop gypsum board, calcium silicate boards, fiber reinforced cement board, natural stone composite panels as the main building wall and decorative products to building energy-saving, wall insulation industry , driving rock wool products, foam glass, ceramics and other high-performance foam insulation fireproof and soundproof wall materials, waterproof materials, decoration materials, sealing materials and supporting the coordinated development of such components.

Adapt solar thermal power generation - building integrated development needs, development and use of solar power wall and roof products.

Adapting to urban roof insulation, waterproofing, green development, the development of appropriate roofing materials and products.

Meet the needs of responding to major natural disasters, the development of the emergency placement of prefabricated housing.

Regional distribution of "opinion" that, in large and medium cities, the layout of the construction of new building materials production base. Relying on large-scale coal mines, thermal power plants, coal chemical and phosphorus chemical enterprises have to focus on solid waste to the primary purpose of the development of circular economy, focusing on construction of industrial solid waste as the main raw material of new wall materials utilization projects.

Standards to enhance and improve the "opinions" that strengthen the basic common standard of research and methods development, focusing on new waterproof materials, insulation materials, decoration materials, building parts and products, research and manufacturing standards revision.

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