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Low-carbon, leading Chinese construction of a new trend



Imminent implementation of low carbon building

As we all know, building the basic functions for the production of human life to provide the environment, but its use in the construction and materials destined to consume energy and emit large quantities of carbon dioxide. Thus, as China's growing urban construction planning, building energy consumption will inevitably show the total amount of rigid growth.

According to the 2010 China's energy situation shows overall consumer, industrial, construction, transport three high-energy areas, the proportion of building energy consumption is rising, and tend to the core areas of energy saving. China floor heating Committee Secretary-General Mr. Liu said that China's total energy consumption of building energy consumption accounts for the amount has risen from 10% in 1978 to the present 28%. "Only in the northern towns, for example, annual heating energy consumption as much as 130 million tons of standard coal. Grim fact that China to go the road of sustainable development, the implementation of low-carbon construction is imminent." Mr. Liu said.

Lin Haiyan, vice president of China Construction Science from the statistics, is equally alarming. She said: "At present, the city's total carbon dioxide emissions, the construction industry accounted for 50% completion of one square meter per room, will the carbon emissions of 0.8 tons. Shows an urgent need from the traditional Chinese architecture, high-consumption model to the development of efficient and environmentally friendly development model. "

The concept of green energy into building

Currently, the "low-carbon building" has become the new hot spot of Chinese architecture. In 2009, major projects listed as one of Beijing's Beijing TV Centre, officially opened a new site, as Beijing is another concept of carbon into the landmark.

Involved in the design of the Beijing Architectural Design Research Institute, Xu Quansheng, said: "As a low-carbon buildings, this building truly become a 'green energy' success stories." He said, the entire building was designed to "Founder, intensive and efficient "-oriented, the use of renewable use of pure steel, science and rational distribution of space. "To reduce carbon emissions, low energy glass buildings have been installed, so that full light, the air flow. In addition, we arranged a ventilator, a high-rise buildings to overcome the shortcomings can not open the window, saving a lot of power facilities. "

Lin Haiyan said, by taking the easier, the first new building after the existing buildings, gradually advancing from the north to the south of the strategy, China's building energy efficiency has been achieved some success.

Low-carbon buildings should be adapted to local conditions

This year, China's low carbon technology development as a key element in national "five-second" technology development planning. In response, Beijing Institute of Architectural Design, deputy chief engineer Zhang Tiehui said: "The low-carbon construction is the trend."

Zhangtie Hui said: "China needs energy consumption and comfort in the search for a new balance for planning, environment configuration of the building techniques to improve and enhance people's living environment, such as national water resources are limited, then we promote 'the water systems', effective recycling and processing waste water; air-conditioning system in the layout, we can also use the 'layered air-conditioning technology', according to the specific number of open air, to avoid excessive waste of air. "

Xu Quansheng agrees: "low-carbon building development in China to be closely linked to China's national conditions. As a developing country, we can not only hope the development of low-carbon high-tech building, and more should be low-cost, appropriate technology, efficient the main characteristics of the carbon out of a Chinese road construction for example, if the rural towns can be as popular as some of the maturity of saving water and energy technology, then we will reduce carbon emissions by a lot; Similarly, China's North-South, East and West over the span , a lot of technology 'local conditions' is especially important. "

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