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Policies Regulations
♦ Energy expert, then "five" building energy path 2011-6-13
♦ Green building should take a systematic way 2011-6-13
♦ Department of Housing and the full implementation of green building, "Yijiangdaibu" incentives 2011-6-13
♦ Shandong Province, on the promulgation of the construction industry, promote the use and limitations prohibit the use of technology to inform the directory 2011-4-1
♦ Further work to do prohibit the use of solid clay brick views 2008-3-6
♦ Office of the National Development and Reform Commission on a major industrial technology development special notice 2008-3-6
♦ Gradually limit on the ban on the use of solid clay brick city of the List of 2008-3-6
♦ Energy conservation regulations 2007-11-27
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