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Five-star party member, weifang advanced basic-level party organization settled down one after another group


On June 29, 2011, HanTingOu celebrate the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese communist party congress was held in the district party committee hostel. Group company 302 projects department manager WeiShouJie was named "HanTingOu five-star outstanding communist party member", and the group was weifang municipal party committee granted "party committee weifang advanced basic-level party organization" honorary title.
DuoNian, weifang three houses group party committee and general communist party members give full play to the party's political advantage, pays special attention to the party member to study the education, learning party organization, strengthen the construction of the learning and improving quality, elaborate, urged implement, perfect the mechanism, protect, excel, scientific development and so on four aspects achieved good results. Group party committee has always adhered to the advanced construction as the goal, urged the party members and cadres keep on studying political ?

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